BCHasRows - Validation with no scripts


  To do validation without using siebel scripts. 


       BCHasRows : Validation Without Scripting


           To check/search in child Bus comp field values for some validation  without scripting.

 For Example: 

          When the Specified Account has any "Active" child Activity, the Activity flag should be true
Implementation without scripting:
          Create a calculated field

  • Name: Check Activity 
  • Calculated = Y
  • Calc Expression: BCHasRows("Account", "Action", '[Account Id] ="' + [Id] +'" AND  [Type] = "Active"',"All")

        This returns Y, if any child activity found.

Create a User property “On Field Update Set” to set the Activity Flag ; Value : “Check Activity”, “Activity Flag”           

Syntax:  BCHasRows ( BO , BC , search_expr, visibility)


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