Siebel Open UI

Siebel Folks,
   I know many of the siebel developers around would have got an opportunity to get a peek at the siebel open UI. Also few of you would be working on it right now. I thought sharing my experience and what i observed with this new amazing product,

What to expect?
Siebel Open UI is nothing more than a UI suite that allows siebel developers to make siebel glitter with a rich UI. With this feature enabled you can have siebel application working on web standards (html, css, javascript). Siebel will be supported by pretty much every browser available in the market. (demo showed chrome was faster in opening siebel application than ie). So after open UI siebel is available across all browsers and can be accessed from mobile devices.

What is going to change?
 Everything will remain intact except UI. Again to reiterate the business layer and data layer will remain untouched. Whatever configuration and scripting that we were doing till now will be valid like ever before.

Backward Compatibility?
 Yes this is absolutely compatible with all the browser scripts that your tools has now. Oracle claims this to work with the existing code as smoothly as it used to work. 

How good is it for siebel and the developers?
   Like many other siebel developers i am very excited about this release from oracle with the hope that siebel with its extraordinary functionality hiding behind the boring blue UI will to some extent get revived with this. This i hope will rev up siebel to be back in market with other players. 

Fingers crossed!!!


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