Generate Mid-Level Release


         Export all the objects files for a specific release or from a specific date.


      This is a very useful functionality that can be executed from siebel tools to export all the objects those are modified from a certain date.
We have the option to export individual object sifs or one sif for all objects. that is mostly based on our requirement


  • Set the desired date, objects modified post this date are all exported as a part of this operation.

  •  Click on "Generate Mid - level Release

  • The window opens which will prompt you to name the export with a label and once label is named you will asked to do "Generate List". Once after this is done cross check the list of objects for the objects you have modified. Also take no extra objects are found, if so you might need to specify a correct date.

  • Now after checking is complete "Export" the objects to the ADM folder within which a new folder is created with the name of the label.
This could be helpful to partial move objects to the target environment instead of moving the entire repository for a minor releases. 


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