Zero Down time SRF deployment

Need :

  To replace the srf without down time.


We see it takes around 10-15 minutes for a srf replacement with a new compiled one(Incremental specially). Thought of sharing a process wherein we can reduce the server downtime to ZERO. Usually when you do an incremental compile or want to change the srf, most appropriate when several servers need this change, you have to every time stop the services and get it back after the compile. Here is an approach where in you can change the srf without getting server down.

Follow these steps:
1. Copy the new srf in the <Siebel server>/ object/<language> directory.

2. Navigate to Site Map> Server Configuration > Enterprises > Component Definitions

3. In the Component Definitions list applet (top applet), select the Object Manager you want to reconfigure, in our case Call Center Object Manager (ENU)

4.In the Menu button click Start Reconfiguration in the Component Definitions list applet. The Object Manager definition State field will change to Reconfiguring.

5. In the Component Definitions parameters list applet (the lower applet), Query for Application Repository File parameter. If not found, click on the Advanced button. Change the Application Repository File to the new repository file name.

6. Commit the new configuration by saving the record in the Component Definitions list applet or by clicking the Menu button.
Note:  The changes will be applicable only to the newly connecting users and already connected users will still see the old one.

Hope that Helps!!!


e-Rider said…
Very useful and so easy!
A lot of thanks!

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