Application functions - Time saver (Simple but useful)

Application Functions : 

These are the functions written in the Application object. These are not written in the event level.

Need :

  When you need to perform a particular function very often. And you feel invoking a Business Service for this involves more line of code.

Scenario/Use case : 

    We had to store a lot of lengthy URL to be opened from within siebel. 

Issues in using LOV: 

  As most of you know storing value with in LOV has a text length limitation to 30 characters. So most of our URL did not oblige to it.


  We created a customized table to store the values as Name & Value pair. And we need to access it from this table when we needed to.

 How To:

   We can write a simple script to do this. but where? We thought of doing it in application level. Like the example below,

** use proper coding standards this is just an example code.

So once this is set, we invoke this code every time by the code given below,

var url = TheApplication().GetURLValue("xxxxx");

So this was really helpful in saving some lines of code, as this was used over and over in a lot of places. 

This can be used for any reusable functionality to be invoked with minimal code.

Also please let me know in comments if this has any downside if i have not mentioned.


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